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Who is

Nathan Bernhardt?

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"First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is." - Donovan

Nathan delights in making an incredible number of mistakes on the way to his few successes. As an analytical thinker, he prefers objectivity in his work; he is intensely curious and always seeking to find coherence in endless amounts of data. With a creative mind, he brings forward-thinking and originality to processes and projects and is interested in seeing possibilities beyond what is currently known, accepted or obvious. Nathan is an introvert; it might not come across that he likes you, but he probably does.

Since 2003, Nathan has gained experience across a broad range of asset types and investment opportunities. While previously acting as Investment Fund Manager for over 20 investment funds, he has spent most of his career engaged to manage challenges where others have either failed or chosen not to see a difficult process through. He works with private issuers and businesses on both the buy and sell sides, with a focus on the commercial mortgage, real estate and debt sectors. Nathan advises on deal structuring and positioning in the private debt and equity markets by assisting his clients in presenting the most optimal offering that will fulfill their capital needs. Through a rigorous due diligence and analysis process, he also helps high net-worth, family office, and institutional clients make sound investments in the private capital market.

A grammar snob, Nathan will never turn down an invitation to the pub and invites anyone to challenge his endless knowledge of ridiculously useless and questionably interesting information. Having visited 46 countries, he lives to travel and is committed to keeping that count to be equal to or more than his age. Regardless of any professional or academic endeavors, past or future, he will always consider his greatest achievement to be the raising of three dynamic, independent, and thoughtful sons. 

Areas of Expertise 

business advisory

Deal structuring


Investment Analysis

saying no


Passions and Hobbies








Education, Designations & Volunteering

Education, Designations & Volunteering

  • Executive Master of Business Administration 

       Quantic School of Business and Technology, Washington, DC

  • Bachelor of Management (Finance)

       University of Lethbridge

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)


  • Financial Management Advisor (FMA)


  • Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI)


  • Certificate in Advanced Investment Techniques


  • Chartered Investment Manager (CIM)


Get in Touch with Nathan

#12, 2333 18th Ave NE, Calgary, AB 

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