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About Pinnacle Accounting and Finance

Established in 2009 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Pinnacle Accounting and Finance is a leader in the finance, accounting and consulting industry.


Our team of accountants and corporate finance professionals have developed services designed to meet the ongoing needs of businesses from start-up through to exit, and everything in between. 


Pinnacle Accounting and Finance was founded by Chris Burylo with really humble beginnings. The company was initially based in his apartment. Until 2014, clients and staff would visit and work from his home daily. At it's peak capacity the home office housed six work-desks and the living room had been converted into the board room. 

These initial years were imperative to the long-term success of the business. Due to the extremely low overhead, the team had a safe place to experiment with the business formula and build out the necessary operational systems which would propel the business growth. The low overhead also allowed for the business to save enough money to purchase its own office building.

In 2014, Pinnacle purchased its first office facility and the company's growth began to accelerate. Our office facilities now feature a client-facing cappuccino bar and community space.

When you visit, the office bustles with positive energy and amazing coffee as the team cooperates and builds relationships with our valued friends and clients. 




Files Completed


Happy Clients


Staff Members


Cups of Coffee

Client Benefits

Reduced taxation

Business growth and development

Increase to bottom line

Ease of administration,

bookkeeping and compliance

Amazing coffee

Business acquisitions and divestiture

Debt restructuring

Sound corporate structuring

Business planning and strategy

Relationships you can trust

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