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Who is

Chie MacCallum?

"一期一会" (Once-in-a-lifetime encounter). Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur. 

Chie was born and raised in a rural area of Japan. Her hometown is surrounded by all the wonders of nature- oceans, rivers, and mountains! Fresh seafood, flavorful vegetables and local brewed sake are available all year round. All the neighbors support and take care of each other in this peaceful place.

Chie has travelled and lived in many places around the world. Her many adventures have allowed her to develop unique perspectives and enhanced interpersonal communication skills. She is known to, "talk to people with her heart, not by her words." One of Chie's greatest accomplishments includes completing an International Human Services Practicum in Uganda, Africa. Chie implemented her educational training and creativity to support teachers, children and families. 

In 2016, Chie was presented with a professional opportunity at Pinnacle. She developed an entirely new set of skills - such as full cycle accounting and bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, corporate tax return preparation and personal tax return preparation. She takes great pride in her position at Pinnacle and she cherishes her working relationships with co-workers and clients. 

Areas of Expertise 

Full cycle accounting and bookkeeping

financial statement preparation

Corporate tax return preparation

personal tax return preparation


  • NCAA Women's Volleyball - Massachusetts, USA

       2006 - First Team All-NAC; NAC Rookie of the year​

  • International Human Services Practicum - Uganda, Africa

       May 2012-June 2012 - Teaching and Study Tour​

  • The Tosaben Musical - Japan

       2009-2010 - Volunteer Interpreter and ​Producer

  • Luc's secret minion! (Luc's bookkeeper)

Passions and Hobbies





Schooling and Continuing Education 

  • Bow Valley College, Child Development Worker

       2012 - Level 2 Completed Child Development Worker, 

       Participated in the international human services                       Practicum  Uganda 

  • Kochi Women's University - Kochi Prefecture, Japan

       2008 - Bachelor of Arts and Cultural Studies

  • College of Our Lady of the Elms - Massachusetts, USA

       2007 - Study Abroad Exchange Program

Speaking and Publications

  • ‘ウガンダプレゼンテーション'

       An Adventure in Uganda - Junior High School in Japan - 2013

  • ‘国際貢献と進路選択’

       International Contribution and Career path selection                         High School in Japan - 2013


  • English Communication in Canada  ​

      ​ Junior High School in Japan - 2017 (On-going project)


Get in Touch with Chie

#12, 2333 18th Ave NE, Calgary, AB 

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