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Corporate Finance / Business Capital

Overview of Corporate Finance

The term “corporate finance” is one that is a general concept and study of a business or businesses, in decisions around the business and its finances. These decisions relate to various aspects of the business and its finances such as; investing capital, capital allocation both internally and externally and how the business is financing its operations. Such decisions relate back to how any business is run, capitalized and how it continues to finance its operations.

How a business manages and allocates its capital is crucial to the ongoing success and growth of any business. As a business owner, you want to avoid bad decisions relating to your business and its finances that can cripple your business long term. Applying a comprehensive approach from a risk perspective and weighing all options equally will greatly assist in making the right decision each time and prepare you for any downside risk if your decision does not work out as planned.

Services Included

  • Comprehensive internal due diligence before going to market (are you properly prepared to obtain capital?)​

  • Corporate Development Plans

  • Growth Capital Needs

  • Working Capital Needs

  • Debt or equity placements advisory, structuring and risk management

  • Financial Modeling

  • Corporate Strategy and Planning

  • Internal Corporate Management and Controls

  • Systems Review and Planning

Risk Management

Taking a calculated and disciplined approach when looking at all facets of your business and its finances is critical to ensuring long term success for your business. By focusing on overall risk management and what could potentially go wrong will save a lot of time and stress should such an event occur. When evaluating risk, you should look at it from three points - good, bad and necessary. Good and necessary risk is deemed to be where you want to guide your business and how things play out long term. Certain situations may be okay to suffer some short-term pain or volatility to achieve a long-term goal; this would still be considered a good risk. A necessary risk is one to take when that will determine your viability of a business moving forward or achieving your long-term growth plans. Without taking these risks, the results you are looking for will just not be achievable, period. Certain risks can sometimes be disguised as a good one, but in reality, is a bad risk that has not been evaluated from all angles and possible outcomes. These risks need to be avoided at all costs and you as a business owner cannot get drawn in without doing a proper risk assessment.

If you have any further questions or inquiries regarding our corporate finance services, please reach out to us directly and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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