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Corporate Structuring and Maintenance

Overview of Corporate Structuring and Maintenance

Not every business is the same and your corporate structure should reflect that.  At Pinnacle we’ll help you consider your current business situation, assess the interests of your partners, and the potential tax consequences.  Your business structure and the related advice will be custom tailored.

Our team has a robust skill-set which allows us to approach a variety of circumstances.  A sound corporate structure may, for example, include tax advice, estate planning, business valuations, and raising capital.  Here at Pinnacle Accounting and Finance, we’ve got you covered.

What we do, exactly

  • New Corporations: including registration and the related related minute books, bylaws, securities ledgers, etc;


  • Multi-Corporation: strategizing and creating complex multi-corporation structures;


  • Limited Partnerships: structuring, set-up, and strategizing Limited Partnerships;


  • Trusts: including a variety of types of trust arrangements into your planning, such as Family Trusts or Bare Trusts;


  • USA / Cross-Border Structuring: strategizing and incorporating a variety of American based entities into your corporate structure, including LLCs and US based Limited Partnerships; and  


  • Maintenance: ongoing annual maintenance, updates, annual returns, franchise tax returns, and registered address services

The best place to start is usually with one of our “white-board sessions”, where we can collectively get to know your circumstances and start to map out some possible structures.  This will give you a sense of what your options are, the related costs, and potential tax consequences.

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