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Who is
Julia Bretzer?

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“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Julia prides herself on continually learning and expanding her knowledge base. Organization has always been a passion for Julia, and what is accounting, if not the organization of numbers. Since joining Pinnacle, Julia has been given the opportunity to expand her skills, knowledge and sharpen her original base to excel at her new vocation.

Julia is motivated to do the best she can, in everything she does. Some may call her competitive, but that competitive spirit has allowed Julia to excel in many aspects of her life, leaving her willing to find opportunities as well prepared to succeed when opportunities have presented themselves. Her favorite accomplishment was when she planned a three month backpacking trip of Europe for her and her fiancé. Instead of being satisfied with the norm, she unearthed opportunities to keep the cost the same as it would have been for a two-week beach vacation. Family and friends thought it couldn’t be done, but due to her planning and attention to detail, Julia was determined and finally able to make it happen.

When she is not working or studying Julia enjoys traveling with her husband, cooking, and having fun when getting competitive while playing board games with family and friends. Of course, her favorite thing to do is to spend time playing with her adorable dog, Bella. 

Areas of Expertise 

corporate tax

planning and

Tax Planning

Passions and Hobbies













Designations & Education

  • Diploma in Business Administration focused in Accounting

       2023 - SAIT Polytechnic

  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology with a concentration in Criminology

       2016 - University of Calgary

  • Bachelor of Arts, Degree in Communications and Culture

       2016 - University of Calgary

Get in Touch with Julia Bretzer


403-453-0532 EXT: 324

#12, 2333 18th Ave NE, Calgary, AB 

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