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Who is

Mark Armstrong?

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"To hit the magical 0.300, you must fail 7 out of the 10 times."

Mark Armstrong is a tax professional born and raised in Calgary. After spending 15 years in the restaurant industry, he decided it was time for a change. Having always enjoyed math and numbers, accounting was the logical choice. He started taking courses with Athabasca before landing a job at the best accounting firm in the city, Pinnacle. Working at Pinnacle has allowed him to get hands on experience while affording him the time and opportunity to continue his studies.


When not working or studying, Mark enjoys playing volleyball on the office volleyball team, going to the Stampeders game where he’s had season tickets for the past 12 years, or hanging out with his cat, Charlie Alpha Tango. Mark is a lover of all thing’s trivia, feline, and sports.

Areas of Expertise 

Canadian personal taxes

canadian corporate taxes

u.s. personal taxes

u.s. corporate taxes


  • 4-time CSSC Intermediate Volleyball Champion

  • Captain of the Pinnacle volleyball team

Passions and Hobbies





Schooling and Continuing Education 

  • Introduction to US Tax

       2018 - TAXX 304


  • Athabasca University

       2011 to Present - Certificate in Accounting​


  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

       2004 - Diploma in Professional Cooking



Get in Touch with Mark

#12, 2333 18th Ave NE, Calgary, AB 

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