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Tax Planning & Strategy

Overview of Tax Planning & Strategy

When it comes to corporate tax planning, unfortunately, many people only focus on maximizing expenses. However, an excellent accountant knows that a sound tax strategy incorporates other critical elements.

What we do, exactly...

We help clients with a variety of strategies. On any given day at Pinnacle, you will find us:

  • Optimizing corporate withdrawal strategies to create the perfect balance between payroll, dividends, bonuses, corporate transfers, shareholder loans, and tax-free withdrawal strategies

  • Creating new companies and integrating them into robust corporate structures

  • Selling and transferring assets into business structures by utilizing sale agreements and Income Tax Act Section 85 Rollovers

  • Planning for the future sale of your corporation and implementing divestiture strategies

  • Estate planning which minimizes tax incorporates your family into your business strategy

  • Of course, we review your files to ensure that you are maximizing your write-offs and available tax credits

One of the most exciting days of the year at the office is when the federal budget comes out. Just as the news and media light up with discussion of proposed tax and legislative changes, the team at Pinnacle Accounting & Finance have a frenzy of discussion and analysis regarding what the tax changes mean to our clients and our planning.

This means that you get the benefit of knowing that your professional is on-top of the most current planning and strategies available to you by law.

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